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At 3,sqm, it will be one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, allowing the studios to attract and host large-scale local and international productions while still providing world-class facilities for smaller TV and film projects. The five existing sound stages will remain operational while the project is under way. The studios will aim to retain space for domestic projects, including low-budget productions and will continue to welcome projects of any size.

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Just days after the announcement that Docklands Studios will house a ten-part production of Shantaram for Apple TV, comes news that our five sound stages will also see action on a streaming series for Netflix. This clip produced by Film Victoria reveals why Docklands Studios Melbourne was chosen as the production base for the final ten episodes in the cult series. While many viewers may not have realised the show was broadcast from here, tens of thousands of audience members over the years got to see the inner workings of our facility—the security check in, the audience hold, the bright lights and stadium seating of Stage 5.

Still on the subject of saying goodbye to long-running screen productions, July sees the departure of US TV Series Preacher Season 4 , which has clocked up more days on the lot. With showrunner Sam Catlin on board, Preacher occupied four of our five stages as well as set construction workshops, wardrobe, art department and office spaces. While hosting Preacher , we also housed popular audience-based quiz show The Chase on what was one of our busiest days ever, as you can see from our snap below taken from the nearby Observation Wheel in late June. Before The Whistleblower , did you have experience working with a Chinese crew?

I think what appealed to them is I shot first unit on Fast and Furious 7 and I shot the action unit on Fast and Furious 8 on top of having made documentaries in China. On a large project like this, set in three different countries, what are some of the challenges? RP: It is set in Australia but also in Malawi in Africa, and there were also short sequences shot in China over about ten days.

So we had to make sure the audience always knew what place they were in. Jeff Thorpe, the production designer, and I worked out colour themes for the three different countries—Australia, Malawi and China—so we had a quick visual reference on where we were all the time. With Malawi, we did lots of research and even got real fabrics and furniture from Malawi. Jeff designed a lot of facades that we could place over existing buildings to feel like Malawi. We created downtown Malawi in the Melbourne suburbs of Footscray and Dandenong with truckloads of red sand on the street. We shot Melbourne for Melbourne, such as a hyper-real red light district in city laneways.

And we used the old Hazelwood power station for a chase sequence which cut to our studio set which had a massive long tunnel. MS: I suppose I was brought in to give it a big Hollywood look. In pre-production Xiaolu gave me six or seven still photographs and frames out of movies, to show what she wanted it to look like, and she leant on me to help choreograph, speed up the visuals, manage the transition from drama to action and from action to drama.

Each afternoon we would review the footage from the day before and cover a whole wall with scenes.

This is how we agreed on how to get out of one scene and into another. There was a constant refinement visually of where we were going to take the movie and I worked closely with Rolland and Jeff the production designer. Scenes set in the African nation of Malawi were filmed in the suburbs of Melbourne. There was a large number of Chinese-speaking crew. How did you deal with the language barrier? I would speak with Xiaolu nearly every day and the information flow was really good. MS: Grace Gao was our go-between and she was a very good translator.

We had a massive vehicles department on this project, and they took over the whole back area—30 or 40 vehicles all under cover. Elaborate chase sequences for The Whistleblower were completed in sound stages at Docklands Studios. Once I had a phone call on a Thursday night when I was in Melbourne and I was in Shanghai by Monday morning, so things can happen very quickly.

I love it! Plot summary: Mark Ma is a Chinese expat working in Australia for a local company.

A fatal accident leads Mark to discover that the new technology developed by the company he works for may have major safety issues. Ausfilm, in partnership with the Australian Embassy in Beijing assisted in attracting the production to Australia through a filmmaker familiarisation tour with location scouting, and introductions to leading screen businesses. The Whistleblower occupied sound stages, production offices and workshops at Docklands Studios during Audiences have been spellbound by the on stage chemistry and stagecraft at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in Melbourne, but few would realize it all came together under our roof.

There was chemistry in the room right from the start of rehearsals for Cursed Child.

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Stages three and four were transformed into rehearsal spaces for the Melbourne cast of Cursed Child over several weeks, ahead of its opening at the Princess Theatre in February,. TV reporter Madeline Slattery joined Minister for the Creative Arts Martin Foley on a behind-the-scenes tour of our construction workshop while sets for Preacher were taking shape. CEO Rod Allan says government ownership has allowed the facility to be driven by more than commercial interests with its primary aim being to generate activity in the Victorian screen sector.

Coinciding with the ten year anniversary in late November, a group of around 30 producers from around Australia toured the facility during the Screen Forever conference in Melbourne. April: Tech giant Microsoft takes over our stages for a one-day IT networking event.

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September : James and Michael from YutArt get an early morning start on our new showreel. Hailing from Sussex in the UK, Philli has made a name for herself as a stunt performer since arriving in Australia a decade ago. A familiar face at Docklands Studios, she stopped for a chat as her work on The Whistleblower wrapped up. A fair few — easily over 50, most in Melbourne and a lot at the studios. The least dramatic was the worst injury!

I took a bit of a knock to the head and went to sleep for a bit. It was in the silliest of situations. I think I used to be a lot more nervous in the old days. There was one stunt in particular that kept me awake where there was a big explosion and I was wrapped in a wire and as the explosion went off I went up through the flames and landed on the ground with no mat.

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The Whistleblower is a Chinese-Australian co-production, how do you manage the language barrier? Hand gestures, lots of thumbs up! If I qualify as a stunt coordinator it will have been a ten year process which is the minimum amount of time you need. I have to get another 12 months experience of being an assistant stunt coord first. Ultimately you want to get them to do as much as they possibly can within the realms of safety.

Stunt performers are not recognized in the Oscars? You have to know that someone else is going to take the glory! Every square inch of our lot was occupied recently, including five sound stages, production offices, set construction workshop, costume and art departments. The made-for-China feature attracted widespread media interest while shooting Victorian locations as Malawi and major action sequences at Hazelwood Power Station.

Car chases were shot on location at Geelong and in our stages Courtesy The Whistleblower. The debut feature for director Natalie Erika James, Relic portrays three generations of women haunted by the effects of dementia in the family home.

Chris Anderson has worked on more than screen projects. How did you get your break in the film industry? I landed a job working behind the scenes as a safety guy for some of the car crashes and was then asked to ride a motorbike off the Kirk Bridge near Little River, Victoria.

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It was for a scene near the end of the film when there are four guys with motorbikes. Grant Page and I each rode a bike off the bridge about 30 feet down into a very narrow creek. You went from stunt performer to stunt coordinator, is that a big step? I was about 10 miles out to sea having lunch when a boat in the shoot tacked over the top of the boat I was on and sort of punched me off. I had one leg either side when I hit the keel and I just broke in half, fractured my pelvis in eight places, crushed the artery in my leg and did quite a lot of internal damage.

There was no blood flow to my leg for hours while they fixed my internal organs so my leg just died. Well I doubled for Paul Hogan in his shows for eight years. Has that been fun? The project is so huge we took nine or ten days to shoot a car chase in Geelong. I was in charge of action unit and I designed a few of the stunts.

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We had to create large mechanical devices to move from one spot to another so it was quite complex in the rigging and the implementation. There were dozens of people on the stunt team. Action sequences directed by Chris Anderson photos courtesy The Whistleblower. Well the director speaks no English whatsoever so everything we talked about went through a third party. The other trick was getting the actors to do what you want, but body language really is a common language.

I came in to do 10 days work and ended up working for 11 weeks! Lead actor Teresa Palmer had ridden a horse before but I put her with the right people so she would look good riding a horse at a canter.

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Are you serious? All the stunt coordinators are working on multiple jobs. If you could tell your teenage self how your career would pan out, what would you say?