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Neue Liebeslieder Waltzes, Op (Brahms, Johannes) . You may ask me for a manually cleaned version. . fühl ich (G minor); Ich kose süß mit der und der (G major); Alles, alles in den Wind. Nos.3, 6, 9, 11 soprano, piano 4-hands No.​13 soprano, alto, piano 4-hands The Lied, Art Song, and Choral Texts Archive.
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Working as a cello-piano duo, Vasily and Ralitsa appear frequently in chamber concerts across the United States, most recently in Maine, Massachusetts, and Virginia. And on the first Thursday of every month, the pair can be heard in the Brown Bag Concert Series, which they founded in Classically trained, she has crossed comfortably into pop over the years.

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He received his doctorate in Vocal Accompanying from Catholic University. Having trained as a singer with Marilyn Cotlow, he enjoys working with singers, both as teacher and voice coach. Nancy, a product of the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, has a teaching studio in Falls Church and has participated in a wide variety of orchestras and clarinet choirs around the region.

Starting life in Rhode Island, her musical education took her through Texas and Florida before settling here in Southwest. Her training comes from famed coloratura Marilyn Cotlow.

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Works of Bach. Mozart, and Schubert will surround our favorite traditions. Admission free although we are always grateful for donations! The concert will begin at sharp, and be followed by a light reception. Admission is free, although donations are welcome. Devoted to presenting the best of classical chamber music from the eighteenth to the twenty-first centuries, our program will consist of works of Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Brahms, and others. Julia Goudimova was born in Moscow. She began studying piano at the age of five and cello at the age of seven. After nine years of music school she studied at Tiraspol College of Music with Prof.

Ksaveriev, professor of cello, who was a student of M. Rostropovich and N. Since moving to the United States, Julia has been actively participating in the music life of western Virginia and is involved in symphony and chamber performances in Lexington, Roanoke, Lynchburg, and Buena Vista, as well as Bath and Rockbridge Counties. These include songs about the music in the heart or in the brain, imaginary music that "plays" when one sees or thinks of a loved one, or songs that praise God or express sadness.

On Wenlock Edge - II. Bredon Hill - VI. Whether our orientation is Christian or not, we must recognize that Jesus Christ was a Jew, and that many of the principles underlying Islam are spiritually similar to Christianity. Christmas carols are only one of the ways of expressing the joy that we all find being alive for yet one more year in our beautiful city, in our wonderful country, and in the company of each other. May we all draw pleasure from the know-ledge that we are who we are and doing exactly what we are doing as we have been doing for all the years of our lives!

From then , the rest is history. In they performed during a festival in Rome; a year later, they toured Germany with great success, and have since then received yearly invitations. More invitations soon followed from.

Upcoming plans include concerts in New York City, the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, as well as recordings of the Schumann piano trios and trios by Russian composers. Partita was originally the name for a single instrumental piece of music 16th and 17th centuries , but Johann Kuh-hnau and later German composers notably J. Bach used it for collections of musical pieces, as a synonym for suite. Bach wrote two sets of partitas for different instruments and several for solo keyboard of which this is the first and best known. Opus 87 is the least familiar of the Brahms trios, and it is a real treat to hear it tonight.

But mostly, Visnja concentrates on her twin interests: teaching flute, which she does at Levine and the International School, and yoga. She takes time from her day job as communications director for the U. She studies with Keith Bryan. Since rediscovering the joy of making chamber music some twenty years ago, she has taken it to exotic places like Prague and Corfu. Prior to that, she served parishes in western Washington state. Starting on the violin, she moved to cello six years ago.

Kuhlau lived much of his life in Copenhagen, where he worked as theater composer and court musician. While her instruction was in the finest Viennese tradition see how much of Beethoven and Schubert you can hear! This glorious trio, lush with the newly fashionable form of impressionism, was written in her service and not performed for many years afterward.

An evening of men's close harmony a cappella music featuring some arrangements of Fritz Kinzel, the Yale Whiffenpoofs' legendary leader.

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Performing will be singers from The Augmented Eight and Top of the Seventh, both of which boast a high proportion of old Yalies, whose program will be part their own, part Yale Songbook. Rondo, "Rage over a Lost Penny", op. The Southwest Chamber Players is a loose aggregation of more than enthusiastic amateur musicians who have performed monthly at Saint Augustine's Episcopal Church in Southwest Washington for the last ten years.

Though founder and director David Ehrlich's life's work was in the retail business, he never lost touch with performing music, honing his skills at chamber music workshops in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Vermont. Gwyn takes time from her day job at the U. An avid chamber musician and father of two more , Jerry's appeared on nearly half of our SWCP programs since as well as founding the woodwind trios Con Brio.

Opus 65 Listening Guide - New Liebeslieder Waltzes for Vocal Quartet and Piano Duet

David Ehrlich , vice chair of the Beethoven Society, learned piano from his father, Richard, in Boston, starting at the age of six. Since discovering at seven he wasn't destined to be the next Horowitz, he's resigned himself to life as an amateur, playing for friends in Tiburon, Cal. Since Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. The six movements range from a Bach-like aria to a Richard Rodgers-style waltz. Artfully juxtaposing the "old" with the "new," Rutter's own style comes through most clearly in the final two movements: the simple and plaintive chanson; and the rondeau with its characteristically forward-driving rhythms and beautiful melodic lines.

Although Copland studied in Paris with Nadia Boulanger, he used American folk music jazz, and serial tech-niques in his music. The duo draws on material from his sketchbooks of the s, returning to the lyricism of Appalachian Spring. As a duo, the flute and piano engage in conversation-like fugues and intertwined passages throughout, from the elegiac opening movement through the playful and energetic third movement. The simple, direct melodies combined with intricate use of rhythm and meter mark this work as distinctly Copland.

We think these charming waltzes make a nice counterpoint to our flute recital. Writing them in and dedicating them to Viennese critic Eduard Hanslick, Brahms said, "Your name came up in spite of itself I was thinking of Vienna, of the pretty girls with whom you play duets, of you who like such things, my friend, and what not Prokofiev was a virtuoso pianist in addition to his obvious gifts as a composer. He entered the St. Petersburg Conservatory at 13, and at 19 made his first public appearance in St. Although the he traveled widely from to , he found he missed his homeland terribly and returned to the Soviet Union, where he was considered a leading composer of the Soviet School.

Ironically, in later years, his works, along with those of Shostakovich and Khatchaturian, would be removed from the Soviet repertory because of their "bourgeois formalism" -- no doubt due to his years abroad.

Liebeslieder. Waltz for Vocals and Piano Four-Hands, Op. 65: No. 11, "Alles, alles in den Wind

The Sonata was written in the summer of after Prokofiev had been evacuated from Moscow to avoid the dangers of the German invasion. In the relative quiet, close to nature, he wrote a work that perhaps reflects the many emotions of those challenging times, from serene simplicity to witty to pensive and brooding to strong and passionate.

Presto scherzando Quartet Op. Based in Southern Maryland, the St.

Since then, the quartet has evolved and participated in educational outreach programs and performed for numerous events. Faculty members of the United States Navy War College called them "a class act" and "the best we've heard. Members have studied chamber music at the University of Maryland, Temple University, and Yale, together with various prestigious ensembles including the Juilliard and Sunrise string quartets. These musicians continue to be acknowledged for their technique and exciting repertoire.