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Negative capability was a phrase first used by Romantic poet John Keats in to characterise the capacity of the greatest writers to pursue a vision of artistic beauty even when it leads them into intellectual confusion and uncertainty, as.
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Stephen Hebron explores Keats's understanding of negative capability, a concept which prizes intuition and uncertainty…. RE: Write Thoughts and stories from Studio, a product design masters program at CU Boulder, dedicated to re:working, re:designing and re:imagining the world of design and technology.

Experience Designer. RE: Write Follow. Thoughts and stories from Studio, a product design masters program at CU Boulder, dedicated to re:working, re:designing and re:imagining the world of design and technology.

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Write the first response. Discover Medium. He was a young man with all the determination and melancholy of a teenager on a romantic quest to be among the English poets when he died. He is an inspiration to all of us, full of colourful language and imagination. He battled through tuberculosis and only lived to be He wanted to be famous, and he has well and truly lived up to his dream.

Embracing Uncertainty (Your "Negative Capability")

Keats longed to find beauty in what was often an ugly and terrible world. He was an admirer of Shakespeare, and his reading of the Bard is insightful and intriguing, illustrating the genius of Shakespeare's creativity. In a letter to his brothers, Keats describes this genius as 'Negative Capability':.

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Mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason. In another letter, Keats says that the 'poetical character What shocks the virtuous philosopher delights the camelion Poet A Poet is the most unpoetical of anything in existence, because he has no identity, he is continually filling some other body'. In order for Keats to be able to create true poetry, one had to be able to remain in what may be states of conflict without 'irritably' reaching after facts or reasons.

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By not imposing one self upon the doubts and uncertainties which make up a conflict, Keats would rather we were open to the Imagination. The word 'doubt' it from the Latin, 'dubitare' and comes from 'two' as in two minds. In most conflicts, two people i. Keats was of the opinion that some certainties were best left open to imagination and that the element of doubt and ambiguity added romanticism and specialty to a concept.

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I equate negative capability with a particular brand of religious Faith….. Having Faith is having an open mind. Having Faith is the ability to not look for Absolute Truths or over riding principles. Having Faith means respecting the Mystery. Faith is in opposition to Belief.