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When Yeun's Ben, a handsome rich guy with a beautiful apartment and a passion for burning down greenhouses, appears, the film shifts to an even more tremulous register. Can Ben be trusted?

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Yeun's performance is perfectly calibrated to entice and confuse, like he's a suave, pyromaniac version of Tyler Durden. Each frame keeps you guessing. This standard-issued, cat-and-mouse legal thriller becomes so much more with Anthony Hopkins' expositional whispers and Gosling's commitment to going apeshit crazy in his pursuit for the truth.

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In his first outing as a director, future Batman Ben Affleck stays firmly behind the camera, letting his brother Casey take the lead role as a private eye Patrick Kenzie in this grim adaptation of author Dennis Lehane's crime novel. Yes, it's set in Boston. Though the material is bleak -- Kenzie and his partner Angie Gennaro Michelle Monaghan are working a child-kidnapping case -- the performances are darkly funny and the elder Affleck has a workmanlike visual approach that makes the movie crackle like an old-school noir.

He doesn't need a utility belt or a bat cowl to wow you. As Lily discovers the truth about the writer's fiction and home, the lines between the physical realm and the afterlife blur. The movie's slow pacing and muted escalation might frustrate viewers craving showy jump-scares, but writer-director Oz Perkins is worth keeping tabs on.

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He brings a beautiful eeriness to every scene, and his story will captivate patient streamers. In this maniacal mystery, Ruth Melanie Lynskey , a nurse, and her rattail-sporting, weapon-obsessed neighbor Tony Elijah Wood hunt down a local burglar. Director Macon Blair's not the first person to find existential enlightenment at the end of an amateur detective tale, but he might be the first to piece one together from cussing octogenarians, ninja stars, Google montages, gallons of Big Red soda, upper-deckers, friendly raccoons, exploding body parts, and the idiocy of humanity.

This Usual Suspects -esque Australian thriller follows the tale of Eddie Fleming Hugo Weaving , a man interrogated by the police for a crime he may or may not have committed.


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Staged almost entirely within that interrogation room, the interplay between Fleming and the cops is tense as hell while the balance of power and sympathies continually shifts. Who is really on trial, and for what, are questions that get asked and answered in a series of twists that still have the power to shock almost 20 years later. The combination works, because it turns the period piece into a bona fide Hollywood action hit.

The lavish production and big-budget action sequences may not have been what Arthur Conan Doyle had in mind when he created the characters, but as the detective duo embarks on an occult-ish investigation of a missing serial killer, the film imbues the sleuthing story with adrenaline-pumping energy. Angelina Jolie stars in this biting thriller as a special agent on a mission to track down a serial killer who murders men and steals their identities.

It seems like a pretty commonplace task for Jolie's character -- except all she has to work with is the testimony of one witness who she's not sure she can trust.

Murder at the Universe by Daniel Edward Craig

While tracking three mountain lions, a hunter-for-hire Jeremy Renner stumbles upon the body of a young girl, frozen in a deserted patch of a Native American reservation. When a young FBI agent Elizabeth Olsen arrives to investigate, he's recruited to navigate the harsh Wyoming countryside and the even harsher residents. He has become part of their stable in the kind of deal that movie stars might have found easier to secure in the golden age but one thathas become harder to nab in riskier times.

While not locked down in the same way, Bullock has also decided to reteam with Netflix to produce sci-fi adventure Reborn while Gyllenhaal, who has starred in both Okja and Velvet Buzzsaw for the platform, will see his next film, the video game adaptation The Division, also head straight to stream. The success of Murder Mystery also owes a great deal to Aniston, a star who maintains a foothold in the industry and within public consciousness without really finding projects that seem to attract the requisite audience.

While Netflix original movies started out with relatively smaller stars, over time they have managed to lure bigger names and their forthcoming slate, including films starring Chris Evans , Ryan Reynolds , Robert De Niro , Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway , is as high wattage as that of any studio.

This year has brought some theatrical success stories, but they have rarely relied on big names to attract crowds, instead sold on either the horror genre films such as Ma , Us , Pet Sematary and The Curse of La Llorona continue to make big bucks from small budgets or property pre-awareness Marvel hits such as Avengers: Endgame or Captain Marvel or remakes like Aladdin. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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