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Do you have any advice on what I should plant? The area gets about hours of sun. Is a willow hybrid or non-spreading bamboo a consideration?. A hybrid willow is fast growing but probably will get too tall and be somewhat weak. It also is deciduous and most people prefer a screen to be evergreen. If you can find the clumping—non-spreading bamboo, that is an option, but I think there are better choices. They will eventually get that tall, and they are dense, but they may be slower growing than you want.

Consider some of the hollies—lusterleaf holly, Nellie Stevens and Burford holly will all grow at least feet tall and are evergreen. Cryptomeria, Deodara cedar and Green Giant Arborvitae are other choices.

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I had our other trees trimmed in September and the tree guy said not to trim the magnolias at this time. He said February was the right time for them and he could cut the tops off and trim them so they wouldn't be so large. What do you recommend?

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Many magnolias were damaged with the recent snow storm, so you may have no choice but to start pruning. Normally, I would recommend waiting until after they bloom before pruning--May is the normal bloom period for a standard southern magnolia. I never recommend topping a tree, since it will cause the internal wood to decay and ruin the natural shape of the tree. If the height is an issue, you might consider replacing the magnolia with another tree. Standard southern magnolias can easily grow 60 feet tall by 30 feet or more wide.

One pruning is not going to stop their growth. There are numerous dwarf magnolia varieties on the market that are better suited to a standard home landscape.

We've had these before, but this one is a foot tall and has its own leaves. Can it be cut and rooted? You can root it, but it will be a slow process. What you may want to do instead, is lay it down and cover a portion of it with soil. This is a propagation method called layering. It will root while it is attached to the mother plant, and you can cut it off and replant next spring. About five years ago I planted a rooted magnolia that was about a foot high.

Today, it is about 10 feet high and healthy Before I cut it down, I wanted to check with you to see if t here is any way I can make it bloom. There is a huge magnolia tree across the street from me so shouldn't that take care of any necessary pollination? A traditional southern magnolia can take years before it begins blooming, so I think patience is in order.

The stately Magnolia grandiflora is a huge tree at maturity and often gets too large for a common landscape. For your tree, just enjoy the evergreen foliage. Once it begins to bloom, provided it has plenty of sun, you should have flowers every year. I was inspecting a house in Eureka Springs this week and saw this cluster on a tree that I never noticed before. I was told it was a magnolia tree, but it didn't have the glossy leaves. What are your thoughts? I think it is a slightly deformed seed pod on a Magnolia soulangiana--the tulip or saucer magnolia.

It should have light pink to purple flowers in the spring before the foliage.

Plant Profile: Caring and Planting Magnolias

We would like to screen our yard from residents of a motel next door to us. We need the fastest solution but will have to weigh the cost factor when making a decision. Do you have suggestions for us? Colorado blue spruce is ok in the most northern tier of Arkansas, but even there can struggle with the heat and humidity of our summers. It is relatively slow growing and I would not think inexpensive. Depending on space, you could also grow the southern magnolia- Magnolia grandiflora. I have a tulip tree that is 4 years old and has never bloomed. It is supposed to have yellow blooms.

The leaves are beautiful, but the tree never blooms. What is the problem?

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This is where common names can be misleading. There are two trees commonly called tulip tree. One is the tulip magnolia—Magnolia x soulangiana and the other is the tulip poplar Liriodendron tulipifera.

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The magnolia tree has beautiful blooms before the foliage comes on in the spring. Most of these are crosses between M. The tulip poplar on the other hand is a large tree at maturity, with leaves shaped quite like a child draws a tulip. The yellow and orange flowers are quite pretty, but are usually borne on the interior of the tree and masked by the foliage or high up where no one notices.

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The resulting fruit is a cone like pod. Liriodendron trees can easily reach 80 feet or more at maturity, while the magnolias mentioned rarely exceed 40 feet. Both trees prefer full sun to bloom. For both trees, age does make a difference. In some cases it could be years before blooming begins depending on the cultivar and whether it was grown from seed or cutting.

What part of a Magnolia tree is planted to grow another tree? What time of year?

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  4. Magnolias can be started from seeds, cuttings or layering. You should be seeing mature, ripe seed pods now. The cones containing the seeds will begin to darken and dry, and the emerging red seeds will be visible. Try to harvest as soon as they are ripe, and begin the process as soon as possible. Take the seeds and remove the outer pulp. TO help break the hard outer seed coat, lightly rub the seeds between a sheet of sand paper. Then place the seeds in a plastic bag filled with moist peat moss or potting soil. Place that in your refrigerator for several months, then pot up and wait for growth.

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    Best Management Practices Series. Lightning Safety Outdoors. Skip to content. Lightning Protection Systems for Trees Historic, rare, and specimen trees, especially when they are the center of landscapes or they shade or frame recreational areas, are valuable and can be protected by a properly installed lightning protection system. Summary Lightning damage in trees is much more effectively prevented than repaired and is often less costly.

    Sources Coder, K. Lightning damage in trees: the spark of death.