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Zeus's Pack, Volume 1 [Jasper: Avanti] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting Jasper [Siren Menage Everlasting ManLove: Erotic Alternative.
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The combination was more than he could take. He groaned and whimpered, wanting to bring both his mates to climax. Quinn waited on shaking arms as Tristan scooted from under him and then he collapsed.

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He pulled Tristan into his arms as Hunter spooned behind him. He guessed it would take some time to adjust to his new life with a being inside of him, but with Hunter and Tristan by his side, he knew he could do anything. Hunter chuckled as Tristan, Sidney, Jasper, and Missy, the barmaid, walked into the bingo hall.

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He was warned about Sidney getting hyper when he began to play. Martha eyed Sidney but handed them over.

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The others selected their quantity before they all took a seat. Hunter decided to be a spectator only. Tristan giggled and nodded. He watched his mate enjoying himself while he laughed with Jasper, Sidney, and Missy.

His rainbow had come along way. The word sir was rarely spoken now, and his singing was becoming less and less frequent. Quinn had told him about dropping to the floor in a submissive position in the grocery store, and Hunter prayed he never witnessed that. None of them were perfect, but sometimes it was the little flaws that made Hunter love his mates all the more.

Zeus, Taz, Rave, and Bald Eagle scouted the woods, barely making a noise as they hunted the man with the rifle.

Zeus's Pack, Volume 1 [Jasper

There was no way he was allowing an armed man to run around on his pack land and with mates present in the house. Can Jasper teach Zeus to let go of his control while teaching Toby to trust that they aren't out to toy with him? Jasper has his hands full with his two men when trouble finds Toby and tries to take his little mate away from them. Craig Hanes is running from a past he fears will leave him dead. Avanti, soldier to Zeus, isn't ready for a mate, let alone two.

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While trying to keep Craig alive from the threat that has tracked him down and a plot to overthrow Zeus, the three mates try to accept the fact that fate has brought them together. Sidney Porter is a shifter from another pack.

He's addicted to Red Bull and Bingo, and he is upset when he thinks his mate, Torem, is cheating on him with the foreman of the construction crew-until he gets a whiff of Dino. Torem takes a journey to cleanse the betrayal and pain Jackson has left behind while trying to keep his mate safe from the wolves coming after him from Sidney's pack.

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Can Torem, Beta of the pack, keep his mates safe while fighting for his sanity? Will Dino come to terms with the fact that there are shifters in the world, and can Sidney find his bingo hall while trying to kick the sugar drink? To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, we recommend reading the series in sequential order. Download Now.