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Infusionsoft CRM Best of The Best Guide Volume 9 - Kindle edition by George Slater. Download it once and read it Bad Debtors and Managed Triggers and 6 .
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It is important to decide the level of functionality your business needs. Generally speaking, when evaluating the e-mail capabilities of a marketing automation solution, you are looking to see if they have a WYSIWYG what you see is what you get interface, as well as drag-and-drop designing to make building e-mails easier and faster. A good template library also is important, as well as the ability to view your e-mail in different devices.

Another needed component to ensure you are personalizing your communication and maximizing marketing automation is the ability to include dynamic content. Some believe that rss email syndication is important, but we have not met any clients or prospects with this need. Overall, the solutions evaluated in this guide all the roughly the same capaibilities. The SharpSpring template library was very good, but all solutions provide templates that you can edit. They also have the ability to import your existing templates.

Setting-up workflows is a critical function of a marketing automation solution. Workflows are what set the rules for the automated marketing processes.

What Is Infusionsoft?

When evaluating these solutions, it is important to get a visual sense of how each system allows you to build workflows or automations. This feature is often called a "Visual Workflow Builder.

infusionsoft crm best of the best guide volume 6 Manual

When considering an automation platform, it is essential to get a look at this feature. Ask a vendor if they provide "unlimited workflows" and the ability to create and assign tasks to team members. Another important feature is to have "triggers," which means you have the ability to engage with a person when they perform a specific kind of action - such as visiting a web page, or reaching a milestone of some sort. Behavior is another way you want to be able to automate messaging. For example, did a person click on a link, respond to a form a certain way, or visit a series of web pages that all relate to a specific product category or service?

All of the solutions we have reviewed here have this capability.

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Perhaps the two most robust - and easiest to use - workflow managers are HubSpot and SharpSpring. The others are adequate as well. Infusionsoft has a heavy reliance on using data tags, which can start to make workflows more confusing as you add more tags. Forms are common within all the top marketing automation solutions. Each allows you to build, customize and reorder fields within forms, save forms, assign them to categories, and to view results.

Drag and drop editors are common in each, with the easiest and most robust form creators located within HubSpot and SharpSpring. A key feature to look for are dynamic forms that allow "auto-complete" based on stored information or that allow you to offer different questions to repeat visitors. For example, if someone has visited your website before, and you already know their first name, last name, company, e-mail, and phone number - why would you ask for that information again?

Or make a person resubmit it? By using dynamic forms, you can ask repeat visitors different questions and gather more information for your marketing and sales efforts. Another important feature to consider is whether or not you can integrate your own website CSS into the form design, and whether or not you can use forms native to your website or a third-party's form.

Some of the automation solutions referenced here, SharpSpring is one, have built-in integrations with form builders such as: FormStack, Gravity Forms, Wufoo, Sugar and Salesforce. Lastly, you may want to ask if your automation solution can integrate its forms with Webinar providers, such as GoToWebinar. In some cases, but not all, these integrations are built-in, but you need to ask to confirm. With your landing pages, you want to be able to use dynamic content.

A key to getting landing pages built quickly is having a drag-and-drop capability, robust collection of ready-to-use templates that are responsive to different devices , and a WYSIWYG interface. All the solutions we reviewed here have those capabilities. All of the marketing automation solutions we reviewed allow you to launch a blog with similar ease as building a landing page.

SharpSpring and HubSpot were the easiest and most comprehensive. Beyond the basic "per contact price" you might expect to pay, you may end up needing to budget more based on your needs and how the email marketing platform charges for add-ons. Here are a few other things you should think about as you select and budget for your CRM.

Are you the only person who will access the CRM and email marketing platform, or do you need multiple user accounts for the whole team? While some companies might be able to work with a single login that everyone uses, others might be a little more attentive to making sure each person has a separate login… which can affect the price. Did you know Most CRM plans include a limit on the number of emails you can send each month.

Are you going to use your platform only for the once-a-week newsletter… or will you use it for sales emails, login notifications, opt-in confirmations, and customer follow-up?

All About My Love-Hate Relationship with Infusionsoft

The amount of emails you send will affect which package you sign up for, and is a separate consideration from the number of contacts you need. Finally, the other hidden costs of a marketing automation system to compare are the integrations. Certain CRMs come with certain integrated features built-in at a cost , while others will recommend selecting a third party plugin or add-on.

Some things you might want to consider integrating with your CRM include:. In recent years, top CRM companies have become known for springing unexpected price increases on their customers. Sometimes these price increases are handled well: the company might offer existing clients a few different options to lock in their pricing by choosing a yearly payment plan, or reducing some of their add-ons. However, there's also been quite a few companies that have increased prices for their long term customers with very little time to adapt to the increased prices.

One way is to ensure that you're consistently cleaning your contact lists , so that you don't end up paying more for un-engaged or non-marketable contacts. It's also a good idea to expect the price of your CRM to increase over time and to budget for it ahead of time, which brings us to the topic of CRM budgets! Of course, formulas like that don't take into account your business model, pricing, or capacity to serve clients. You might run a digital course business, take on high end clients, or sell physical products. It holds all of the information about your prospects and customers, and when used properly it should pay for itself.

CRM: Managing and Engaging Contacts

Often when I see business owners canceling their CRM accounts because they can't afford them, it's because they haven't taken the time to learn how to use their CRM to help them earn more. Also, the solutions are tiered in such a way that it can grow with your business. Bottom line: If you decide to start using Infusionsoft, be committed to mastering it and letting it run for at least 6 months.

There is a lot about Infusionsoft that you will love. I like to see things laid out with pretty icons. For this reason, I really like the way Infusionsoft approaches their campaign builder. Once a potential customer enters your marketing ecosystem, through a form, subscription, etc. Infusionsoft simplifies this process with a drag and drop system. Want to schedule an email to be sent the day after a signup? No problem. Drop the email icon onto the grid and connect the dots. The visual layout not only speeds up the process of building a campaign, but it helps you spot where there might be logical gaps in the process.

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  • It means that 80 percent of your outputs are caused by 20 percent of your inputs. Applied to sales and marketing, this means that 20 percent of your efforts will result in 80 percent of the sales. Infusionsoft does a fantastic job of picking out who is most ready to buy.

    They assign a score to each contact based on how they have responded to your campaign or interacted with your content. The immediate benefit is obvious: you are able to target your messaging and offers to the people who actually care and are ready to make a buying decision. But in my opinion, the real power of this lead scoring system is what you can take away for long-term strategy. Was it a particular blog post? Email auto-responder? Your lovely face in a video? With most homegrown, hack-job solutions, you get two data points: when someone entered your funnel and when they buy.