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Religious people appeared annoyed by my question, "How do you know that God exists?" Perhaps they wondered Maybe some people needed to believe in God but clearly there was no proof. She talked about God like he was her closest friend. She was Wanting something to be true, doesn't make it true. During this.
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She who hath ears to hear, let her hear.

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And in this constancy, in this complete indifference to the life and death of each of us, there lies hid, perhaps, a pledge of our eternal salvation, of the unceasing movement of life upon earth, of unceasing progress towards perfection. Sitting beside a young woman who in the dawn seemed so lovely, soothed and spellbound in these magical surroundings—the sea, mountains, clouds, the open sky—Gurov thought how in reality everything is beautiful in this world when one reflects: everything except what we think or do ourselves when we forget our human dignity and the higher aims of our existence.

In that poem, humans become spectral, and the natural world has the real, everlasting solidity:. Your poor idea of heaven: absence of change. Better than earth? How would you know, who are neither here nor there, standing in our midst?

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These are visions of the secular. You could extract its essence and offer it to thirsty young atheists.

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  4. A characteristic formulation, from St. His notion of religion seems to be northern-European Christian first and foremost; he is quiet about Judaism, whose practices are sensibly grounded in the here and now, and which lacks the intense emphasis on the afterlife characteristic of Islam and Christianity. And he has very little to say about, for example, Hinduism. This is a difficult truth to learn, because we are naturally fearful of loss, and therefore attached to the idea of eternal restoration.

    Why doesn't God perform a spectacular miracle and prove himself?

    His love of the place is premised on the knowledge that he will not always be able to return; that he, or it, will not be there forever:. When I return to the same landscape every summer, part of what makes it so poignant is that I may never see it again.

    Moreover, I care for the preservation of the landscape because I am aware that even the duration of the natural environment is not guaranteed. Likewise, my devotion to the ones I love is inseparable from the sense that they cannot be taken for granted. Our time together is illuminated by the sense that it will not last forever and we need to take care of one another because our lives are fragile. Once we seriously consider the consequences of existence without end, the prospect is not only horrifying but meaningless as the philosopher Bernard Williams argued years ago.

    To be invulnerable to grief is not to be consummated; it is to be deprived of the capacity to care. And to rest in peace is not to be fulfilled: It is to be dead. Eternity is not at the heart of what such people care about; they hardly ever spend time envisaging it.

    He wants to out religionists as closet secularists.

    How Did God Get Started? | Arion

    He makes a similar point in relation to Buddhism. Put simply, deconstruction proceeds on the assumption that literary texts, like people, have an unconscious that often betrays them: they may say one thing, but they act as if they believe another thing entirely. Their own figures of speech are the slightly bent keys to their unlocking. If the religious believer often behaves like an unconscious secularist, then one can assume that some of the great canonical religious texts will do something similar, revealing their actual procedures to a skeptic who is willing to read them against the grain.

    Lewis, Augustine, and Kierkegaard with a generous captiousness, fair but firmly forensic.

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    Eternal beatitude has supplanted human connection. So, instead of being forced into, say, rationalist triumphalism there is no God, and science is His prophet , he can expand the definition of the secular life so that it incorporates many of the elements traditionally thought of as religious. Feuerbach is particularly interesting on the question of immortality. He says that Heaven is the real God of man: it is Heaven we are really after. Where did we go wrong? Tell me more about that. What ensues is a series of discussions wherein I do three things cycling them through many times:.

    No one wants to feel stupid. Teens are no exception. Too often when adults dialogue with resistant teens about matters of faith, they are guided by their need to be right, rather than to be effective. They are probably going through a lot.

    Can I Date a Non-Christian?

    They are going to be dealing with that what they were raised to believe by adults that they loved and trusted are misconceptions. They are also going to be spending a lot of time rewiring their world view. Making them attend services is only going to increase their resentment towards you. Let them alone and let them reconstruct their reality free of religious influence. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.