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Here & Now's Robin Young talks with Julie K. Brown, Miami Herald investigative reporter, about billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein's indictment on sex trafficking.
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So This Rapper Pulled Out Detroit-based rapper Tiny Jag pulled out of the AfroFuture music festival after finding out that white people were being charged more for tickets than people of color. Play 7 hours ago.

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On the lighter side so you can enjoy all the darkness these shorter days bring. The conference is already so overcrowded a special webcast has been set up to meet demand. We get the latest from Bloomberg's Mike Regan. Play-Button-Solid 41 min.

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Host Peter O'Dowd reports. At a young age, the child Mimi Lemay thought was her middle daughter was showing signs of depression and declaring "I am a boy.

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  8. Also, the Las Vegas city council recently voted to approve a controversial ban on homeless camping. The rule means people cannot legally sleep on the streets in the downtown area if there are shelter beds available.

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    Six students from Detroit's worst-performing public schools allege lack of books, classrooms without teachers and extreme temperatures deprived them of their right to access literacy in their public schools. We're joined by Jamarria Hall, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed against city officials.

    A year ago this Friday, the so-called Camp Fire ravaged the Northern California town of Paradise and claimed the lives of 85 people. Host Tonya Mosley is on the ground to bring us the stories of the people who have left and those who still