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A hoard of rare coins is discovered in a bronze pot in the ancient Israeli port and conservation project at the Caesarea World Heritage site.
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Tower of David and Western Wall — one-ounce, fine-gold. The central bank will unveil a third coin on Jerusalem Day on May A bullion coin is a coin struck from gold, silver or platinum and is generally used for investment rather than for everyday commerce.

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  • Israel Museum obtains world’s ‘first Jewish coin’.
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  • The suspects dug holes to find the coins, damaging the site. However, the synagogue was unharmed..

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Trove of 11th century gold coins discovered in ancient Caesarea | The Times of Israel

April 30, Your Investments: Three steps to financial independence. Hot Opinion.

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Yaakov Katz. Liat Collins.

Israel Museum obtains world’s ‘first Jewish coin’

My word: When dates with history are lost in cyberspace. Elias Messinas. The Jewish community of Arta, Greece — fables, memories and the Holocaust. Dan Illouz. David M.

Eight Israel Coins To Check Out

Most Read. IAA coin expert Robert Kool said "one or two of these gold coins were the equivalent of the annual salary of a simple farmer, so it seems that whoever deposited the cache was at least well-to-do or involved in commerce".

The 70 Years Israel Redemption- Temple Coin

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