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"Help Me Be Good: Being A Bad Sport" (Help Me Be Good series) helps children understand the difference between being a bad sport and a good sport.
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It considers the consequences and talks about prevention. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Being a Bad Sport 1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. I will never buy anything with the name Joy Berry again! This set of books included a CD and a code where you could download 56 additional songs and read-alongs. However when I went to download the songs and read-alongs, I found only 28 songs and no read-alongs. After my 4th attempt at contacting customer service, I finally got a return phone call, and was told that the advertisement for the download was wrong - there is no read-along.

I was told that I should have gotten more songs, and customer service said they would call back with the code. A number from Joy Berry Books has called my phone once at 5 P. No one has returned my calls since. Related Searches. Being Away From Your Parents. View Product.

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Being Helpful. Joy BerryIf not understood and handled properly, early childhood emotions and attitudes can be painful and can hinder Being Messy.

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It deals with the behavioral issue of being messy and offers practical, down-to-earth advice on ways to overcome this behavior. Being Rude.

by Grace Jones

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Judith H. Being a Bad Sport by Joy Berry is an easy book to understand for younger readers. It has great pictures which show how others feel when winning and losing games. It teaches children how to act and be a fun person to play with. It also teaches a child how to respond when they are being treated badly by someone who isn't a good sport.


Lisa J. Excellent book.

A must have for parents. There are more books out there like this one for different situations and I recommend you getting as many as you can.

Help Me Be Good - Bad Sport